Lookalike Audiences Sunset: Embracing New Horizons in LinkedIn Targeting

Attention, marketers! Buckle up, because we’re about to journey through a significant shift in the LinkedIn advertising landscape. As of February 29, 2024, our faithful friend, Lookalike Audiences, will sunset. But fear not… this isn’t a dead end, but rather, it’s an exciting detour leading us to even more powerful targeting opportunities.

So Long, Lookalikes. Hello, Hypertargeting Heroes…

While Lookalike Audiences served us well by expanding our audiences, their departure paves the way for two new targeting tools: Read more

Alabama Talent Triad Officially Launches; Receives $1.4 Million Grant From SkillsFWD

On December 6, 2023, leaders from the Alabama Workforce Council and the State Workforce Development Board were joined by Governor Kay Ivey to formally launch the Alabama Talent Triad;  the nation’s first full-scale learning ecosystem that centers skills as the unit of transaction in the labor market at the population level.

After a six-month pilot with manufacturers and healthcare employers, the Talent Triad launched into statewide production with over 19,000 student and jobseeker users and over 50 employer partners. Read more

7 Signs of Burnout in Nurses (and How to Prevent It from Happening)

While every profession has its stressors, the nursing industry has some of the highest burnout rates. The massive influence on patients’ lives, the long hours, and many other factors put nurses at risk of severe burnout. Since 2020, many healthcare professionals have felt the strain more than ever.

Burnout in nurses affects everyone — individual nurses suffer, patients are impacted, and employers struggle with enormous turnover. It’s crucial to watch for signs of nurse burnout and take steps to provide a healthier workplace. Read more