The Story of Us: The Next Chapter

Our news and content teams are the driving force behind our success and our reason for showing up to work every day. In this post, we celebrate their wins and look to the future of our business.

2019 is proving to be a year worthy of celebration. With more rolling in each day, we are proud to celebrate these achievements from our news and content teams. Read more

2019 Marketing Trends: Personalization

At their core, personalization and customization mean taking any data you have on customers and combining it with whatever business assets you’re promoting to create a message for a hyper-specific segment. For example, not simply targeting women with children aged 7-10, but targeting working women with school-aged children in a major metro area with an interest in running their household from their phone.

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Why You Should Work With Direct Leads

How many times have you received an automated email asking for 15 minutes of your time? How many times how you responded? While lead lists can in some cases be a good starting point for your recruiting needs, it’s not going to get you the talent you want at the best cost-per-hire. Read more