6 Straightforward Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Company culture is, in short, “how the sausage gets made.” It’s the attitudes, relationship dynamics, and overall mindset of people within a company.

Company culture also really matters. A survey of almost 2,000 North American CEOs and CFOs (and interviews with 16 people in these positions) conducted by Columbia Business School and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business showed that:

  • 92% of company officers said a better corporate culture would increase the company’s value.
  • Over half of the surveyed executives thought corporate culture impacts profitability, growth rates, and employee productivity and creativity.

And culture might matter more than ever now. Websites like Glassdoor make it easier for employees to voice their concerns and candidates to peek inside a workplace’s true nature.

In your recruitment and hiring practices, you’ll need a good (and honest) answer to questions about your company culture. The following tips will lead to you proudly bragging about your organization’s awesome, supportive environment. Read more