Huntsville Celebrates Co-Working

coworkingMore than 100 technology developers and entrepreneurs joined Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle at Alabama Media Group’s Huntsville Hub to celebrate the one year anniversary of co-working night. The collaborative experiment has been held at the offices of Alabama Media Group since inception. Click here to read the full story on

Pre-rolling into the Future of Digital Advertising

So let’s be honest, most of us don’t love pre-roll videos. You know, those mini video
advertisements that play just before the video we are actually intending to watch. We anxiously hover over the “skip in 5 seconds” link, impatiently waiting for an opportunity to bypass the ad. But every now and then, something intrigues us, captures our attention, and we find ourselves glaring intently at our laptops, casting an unexpected smile at our tablets or sharing a chuckle with our mobile devices. That’s the power of pre-roll video, capturing your attention when you least expect it and creating a memorable experience.

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Shopfronts In The New (Online) Marketplace

As my wife was leisurely surfing the web one evening she discovered some vintage coffee mugs almost identical to the design used by her family when she was a little girl. She was thrilled and immediately pulled out her card to purchase these sentimental mugs that sang of yesteryear. But when she reached the purchase page of Shop’s website, something wasn’t right. She didn’t feel comfortable making the payment. Something stirred up feelings of unease, and her gut feeling about this checkout was right. This ecommerce site wasn’t secure.

Would you walk into this store?

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