The Rise of the Compact Utility Vehicle, Why It Means Big Changes for You

Back in the day, (that is 2015) the biggest selling segment in the auto market was four door sedans. With higher fuel prices, buyers were looking for strong value and quality, shifting towards models like Camry and Accord. Then something changed. That something was the introduction of CUVs – compact utility vehicles – established as cross-overs between sedans and SUVs. With the CUV, the buyer can have everything that they wanted in a car – same price, same gas mileage and same amount of space – but with the build of an SUV. Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why People Buy a Specific Car

With the marketplace in Alabama, Central Tennessee and the Florida/Mississippi Gulf Coast changing, it is vital to look at the reasons buyers are buying in 2017. This will help your dealership focus on connecting to buyers.  If you can’t communicate a message that resonates with your buyer, then you might as well be speaking a different language. Read more

Why TV Should Not Be the Only Way You Advertise

One day you walk out onto your dealership lot to notice a gentleman looking at one of your vehicles.  From a distance, he is not that different than any other buyer perusing your inventory. But something seems a little different as he slowly turns around you realize Tom Selleck is on your lot.  (This is the guy from the 1980s-hit show Magnum P.I. in case you are a millennial and don’t have a clue who I am talking about.)  Tom is the guy.  A real man’s man but then you realize this isn’t the 1980’s Tom Selleck, it is a new 2017 Tom Selleck. Read more