6 Ways to Make Nurses Feel Appreciated During National Nurses Week

We know it, and you know it: nurses are awesome. And every year from May 6 to May 12, National Nurses Week

reminds us to give the nurses in our lives a little extra love. If you employ nurses or are looking for nurse appreciation ideas in your recruitment strategy, now is a good time to reflect. Thank about how you can reward nurses for everything they do.

You might struggle with how best to make nurses feel appreciated. If you need some ideas, here are ways to remind nurses of their value — now and into the future.

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Why You Should Participate in Virtual Career Fairs: 5 Benefits for Employers

Virtual career fairs are events where employers can share their company and open positions with job seekers. While traditional career fairs happen in person, virtual career fairs are entirely online.

While some might view online events as less personal or practical, virtual fairs can actually offer employers and job seekers more opportunities. If you’re presented with the chance to join a virtual job fair this year, we recommend jumping in. You’ll likely be excited about where it takes your organization. Read more