Tips for Reengaging Your Customers in Times of Crisis

No one could have predicted how quickly the COVID-19 pandemic would take hold across the world. With people working from home or not at all, public spaces closed, social distancing strongly encouraged, we are certainly living in unprecedented times. Here are some tips for engaging your customers and prospects in the midst of economic uncertainty: Read more

I’m a Retailer – In the crisis – What do I do now?

The recent crisis has disrupted nearly every business and service in the market place.  But, if you’re a brick and mortar business, it’s been especially hard for you.  In store traffic is down to non-existent and your unique location and personal service just became a liability instead of a differentiator.  So, now where do you turn to find the silver lining?  E-commerce. Read more

Need to reach your customers and community? Meet them where they are.

Among uncertain times, we remain committed to providing the most up-to-date information concerning Alabamian people and businesses. Read more