Distribution Matters—How to Actually Get Your Company’s Blogs Read

In today’s ever-expanding digital economy, it seems that reaching consumers is easier than ever. Nearly everyone has a smartphone or a laptop, both of which connect businesses and consumers through the internet. The conditions for effective digital advertising are almost too perfect, so why are some companies failing to successfully promote content?

It all comes down to one thing: distribution. Most companies maintain consumer engagement through blogging and a constant flow of new content on their websites. This has been shown to improve websites’ success in search engines. Blogs can encourage audiences to explore other parts of the website and potentially purchase products and services. However, content creation alone is not enough to increase traffic. Promotional blogging requires strategic distribution. Read more

The Great Resignation: What Is It and How Is It Impacting Recruiting?

As recruiters and employers are probably well aware, the Great Resignation is an ongoing movement where many employees are quitting their jobs for something better. It started in April 2021, when a record four million workers left. Quit rates rose for retail and food service and were enormous in healthcare, with one in five healthcare workers quitting from the beginning of COVID-19 to November 2021.

But why is this happening? And how does it affect recruiting efforts as companies look for better ways to fill open positions? Read more

Why You Should Hire College Graduates: Experience Isn’t Everything

Most job postings list a specific range of experience required or preferred in the ideal candidate. And while experience is undoubtedly important, it’s not always the most critical detail. In fact, focusing solely on experience eliminates one group that we believe you shouldn’t overlook.

That group is new college graduates.

College students bring unique benefits to your workplace that you mightn’t have considered before. Here are some answers to the question, why hire college graduates? Read more