Help Us Welcome Our Newest Employee Ben Shorb

Ben Shorb is AMG’s newest retail sales employee. Ben started his sales career in college at West Virginia University where he worked a retail sales job at Dick’s Sporting Goods. After college he started working for Comcast Spotlight (now called Effectv) selling Cable ads on networks like ESPN & HGTV, as well as targeted digital video advertising, which he did for five years before coming on with Alabama Media Group. Read more

The Importance of Branding- Using Branding To Increase Conversions, part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed how branding can subconsciously influence how we feel about companies, and ultimately influence who we choice to partner with. I ended the article by stating quite simply the more well branded a company is the more conversions they will have. In part 2, I want to show you some data that backs this up.

82% of consumers will select a brand that they’re already familiar with in search results

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The Importance of Branding – How it works and Why it Matters, part 1

One of the push backs Alabama Media Group hears from a variety of our marketing clients is about them not wanting to invest in branding tactics.

“Branding is only something companies like Nike and McDonald’s do.”

“Branding is too nebulous. I only care about conversions!”

“You are recording a quote of mine about branding for an article you’re writing, aren’t you?”

I’ve heard variations of these hundreds of times. Read more