How to Avoid Bad Hires: Watch Out for These Red Flags

The cost of a bad hire is steep. Bringing on the wrong person zaps your company of time, resources, morale, and quality work. And, unfortunately, most companies aren’t taking proactive steps now to avoid the costs of hiring the wrong person.

Thankfully, you can avoid bad hires through a few careful steps—and it all starts with identifying common red flags.

Key Signs of a Bad Hire

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What Impact Do Travel Nurses Have on Hospitals and Patient Care?

Nurses continue to be in high demand, and many healthcare providers struggle to recruit and hire fast enough. Since experts expect the nursing demand to stay high (or even increase) through 2030, travel nurses have become an integral part of the healthcare scene.

Let’s look at how travel nurses can benefit hospitals and the quality of patient care.

What are Travel Nurses?

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