8 Crucial Questions to Ask a Healthcare Worker During an Interview

When you’re recruiting and hiring healthcare workers, the interview process is critical. It can be tempting to hire quickly, rushing the process, but that can cost your organization a lot down the road. Thankfully, carefully-planned interview questions can help you make the most informed decision and build your dream team.

Here are some of the most influential healthcare job interview questions and why you should ask them.

1. “Why did you choose to work in the healthcare field?”

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Why Candidates Turn Down Job Offers (and How to Prevent Rejections)

The best candidates, especially right now, have the opportunity to be picky. They might be staring down several great job offers at once, knowing they must choose just one.

If you want to be their lucky new employer, you’ll need to understand why candidates turn down job offers — even if they’re good.

Top 7 Reasons Someone Declines a Job Offer

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How to Prevent Age Discrimination During the Recruitment Process

Age discrimination means stereotyping or treating someone less favorably or based on age. And while the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) exists, it only protects workers age 40 or older, and ageism unfortunately still happens in the workplace.

Thankfully, companies can help prevent age discrimination at work by focusing on inclusive recruitment and hiring processes. Read more