Understanding the Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Your first step in searching for a place to eat, looking up information about a potential pair of new shoes, or finding out how far the mall is from your location are all ideas which typically include some type of query into a search engine. This routine turn to search engines by consumers is something marketers are seeking to capitalize on. The use of search engine marketing means being at the top of search engine queries, ready to direct visitors to your website, with the goal of ultimately leading to higher brand awareness and conversions. Read more

An Introduction to Predictive Marketing Analytics

The constant evolution of technology never ceases to disrupt the retail industry, meaning that marketers must be constantly adapting to the evolution of technology and how they leverage it to reach potential customers. Apparent in the fall of book sales and decreased traffic to brick and mortar locations, we have already seen how the introduction of technology is forcing marketers in the retail industry to rethink their strategies and adapt them to the ever-changing world of technology. The ability for marketers to adapt to new technology allows companies to maintain their relevancy in a high traffic, constantly changing, and highly competitive space of the internet. Read more