Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Q&A Series: Part 1

Marcus Carson

We asked for insight from Marcus D. Carson, MBA, Founder and CEO of Growing Kings. He is a native of Birmingham, AL, and grew up in the Titusville neighborhood.

After two years of living in Charlotte, NC and working as a financial analyst, Marcus soon realized that his passion lies in helping young men who have similar backgrounds of his own, but lack the direction and/or support that were provided to him by his family and through his faith. The lessons learned growing up in an economically disadvantaged environment, coupled with the life skills and exposure opportunities presented to Marcus during his collegiate and professional career provided the framework for a vision that led to the founding of Growing Kings. Read more


Five Millennial Myths Debunked

HR professionals, has anyone ever told you that you deserve high fives for the work you do? People probably don’t realize how hard it is to hire and retain top talent. For most companies who are trying to get it right in terms of drawing in the best people and keeping those all-stars, it’s harder than it looks. Human resource professionals, CEOs and owners are constantly trying to figure out how they can improve their business, their culture and their benefits to attract top talent. Read more

Convince Your Boss: This Is Alabama Young Professionals Summit

Of course you want to attend the This is Alabama Alabama Young Professionals Summit. That’s not a question. But convincing your boss to let you miss a full day of work and pick up the tab? You’ll need to make a compelling case for that.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.  After they understand the return on investment from your attendance, the real question will be, how can they afford to NOT let you go?

Use these talking points with your boss to make a compelling case for why you need to attend the This Is Alabama Young Professionals Summit.


4 benefits of attending:

Connect with Alabama’s best. When you step foot into the Summit, you’ll be joined together with the young leaders, innovators and change-makers of Alabama. There’s a big world out there outside of your office and your industry, and by connecting with the best of the best, you’ll have the opportunity to swap ideas, perspectives and strategies.

Share your voice. The YP Summit is Alabama’s biggest stage for young professionals like yourself to share and talk through the issues and questions that are important to you and the state. If there ever was a time and place to let your voice be heard and engage in dynamic discussion among your peers, it’s here.

Learn from successful companies and colleagues. If you’re looking for an event that’s just about swapping business cards and getting freebies, this isn’t it. We’ll have speakers and panelists covering multiple topics imperative to today’s young professionals. These sessions will help you to expand your knowledge, think more strategically, and acquire new perspectives and strategies that you can immediately execute in your workplace.

Build relationships. This year’s YP summit will be jam-packed with potential clients, mentors and vendors. Equip yourself with the knowledge about today’s newest workplace technologies, marketing strategies and best practices. Trust us, these are the kind of people you want in your professional corner.

So, schedule some time with your boss today and use these talking points to sell him or her on your participation. Good luck!