Why Advertisers Should Break Up With TV

Television has provided us with a plethora of entertainment and educational content for decades. It’s reliable and trustworthy in terms of advertising and has remained as one of the most effective ad mediums since it was invented in 1927. But there’s a new player in the game, and its name is online video. Online video is TV’s biggest competitor and we think advertisers should highly consider switching teams. With online video, you have the potential to reach a multitude of diverse audiences without breaking the bank. TV is expensive, and online video has better defined audience targeting capabilities at a much smaller price tag. Who wouldn’t want that?

Still not convinced? Take a look at this infographic.


So, what? Advertisers should completely disregard TV and make the full-on switch to online video?

Ok, so maybe we shouldn’t suggest an absolute break up with TV, but rather adding online video to the media mix to complement TV advertising efforts. If you solely rely on TV for visual advertising, key audiences who live online are missed and valuable ad dollars are wasted.

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