Recruiting in Today’s Growing Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is the fastest-growing labor market, with the need for employees rapidly rising as the American population ages. At 2.1%, the healthcare unemployment rate is even lower than the declining national average.

To secure quality hires, healthcare recruiters must reach candidates before they are actively looking for new opportunities. You can attract prospects who’d enjoy working for you by implementing a passive candidate strategy that does two things:

  1. Tells your brand’s story
  2. Utilizes multiple marketing channels in addition to job boards

As you build a strategy that focuses on what makes you stand out as an employer (your story), choose effective outreach tactics by thinking about your role in the healthcare industry.

Recruiting Hospital Employees

Because the talent required is both extremely varied and specialized, hospital recruiters face distinctive challenges. In an industry with hundreds of types of jobs, certifications, and licenses, perfect fit hires won’t come to you. Many others are looking for their skill sets, too, so you often have to find and convince prospects of your desirability as an employer. Competitive benefits, sign-on bonuses, and relocation packages work in your favor. To reach people anywhere and bring them to you, develop a strong social media presence that tells your unique story.

Recruiting for Private Practices 

Where hospitals must focus on national or global reach, private healthcare practices can invest in their local communities to build a passive candidate pipeline. Connect with the next generation of employees early by partnering with high schools, nursing schools, and universities. In addition to attending career fairs, stay active on campus with info sessions, offer internship programs, and build relationships with relevant student organizations. Get involved in local chapters of professional groups and offer in-house training to meet experienced candidates.

Recruiting Nurses & CNAs for Assisted Living

 Senior care facilities feel immense pressure to make the best hiring decision the first time. High turnover rates disrupt residents’ well-being and leave them prone to developing infections. Successful hiring teams realize the importance of attracting nurses and CNAs who are motivated by a calling to care for the elderly. A content marketing strategy with videos, blog posts, and social media campaigns that tell the stories of your diverse residents will impact those who will find a sense of purpose by working for you. You can also develop an employee referral program that rewards your current stellar employees for referring qualified candidates.

Know Your Employer Value Proposition

 The most effective recruitment strategies in healthcare may differ by type of employer, but one thing remains the same across the board: You must be able to communicate your employer value proposition. If your practice boasts a tight-knit community feel, develop messaging that resonates with those who love developing long-term client relationships. Or, focus on your hospital’s fast-paced environment to appeal to people who thrive facing new challenges at daily. Use a passive candidate strategy to sell your story and reach qualified candidates in our historically tight labor market.

We use a combination of technology and channels from social to search and other hyper-targeted digital advertising and sponsored content to get quality candidates to contact you. Your company is unique and so are our solutions.

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