7 Surprising Ways to Write an Effective Job Posting

When a new position opens up, you want the perfect candidate for the job. But if your job posting is dull or lacking key information, you’re missing out on a job posting’s power.

How you write a job posting makes all the difference. While other hiring departments are getting mediocre responses, you can attract the best of the best. That’s because the ideal candidate responds because they get excited reading through the posting.

With that in mind, let’s look at the most effective (and little-known) tips for getting ideal applicants.

How To Craft The Perfect Job Posting

Remember this: job applications are a two-way street. Although you’re the one vetting and interviewing, you also need to make a good impression on the potential employee.

Here are some ways to do that.

1.   Research the Market

Compare your position to your competitors’ job openings. Look at similar jobs’ compensation structures, and contrast them with your own. Sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn can provide helpful insight.Also, see how other companies are describing similar positions. What job titles and descriptions are they using? What are the reported salaries? Do you need to update yours to be competitive?

Use the best ideas from your research when drafting your own posting.

2.  Use a Descriptive Title

The job title is the first thing candidates see — some will apply based on the title alone. Use a title that describes the position exactly. Choose the most commonly used and accepted title based on your research. Then, add an exciting detail about the role.

3.  Make the First Paragraph Exciting

After the job title, write a short paragraph describing the position — and make it compelling. Include three to five details about the job that will have the ideal candidate thinking, “Yes, that’s what I’m looking for!”

4. Include Your Company’s Story

A job is more than just work. The person you hire becomes part of your team — your “why” and your history. Successful job postings provide an overview of what work environment to expect.

Give a brief description of:

  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Your service offerings
  • The company size (number of employees)
  • Values and work culture
  • Exciting projects you work on

You don’t need more than 2-3 lines. Just give the reader enough information to envision themselves working with you.

5.  List Requirements and Benefits

Provide the main requirements for the job, but don’t go overboard. Stick with the essential tasks you’ll expect from the person in the position.Then, go into the details like:

  • Work hours and pay
  • Benefits and perks
  • Anything else exciting you offer

Also, talk a bit about the location. For many people, moving is part of taking on a new role. Give the potential applicant details about your city and office area, including fun things to do, easy commutes, and local schools.

6.  Recap and List Next Steps

End with a few reasons the reader should apply to this position. It’s best to list bullet points — recap the best parts of the job so that they can’t wait to hit that Apply button.

Next, provide details on the process. What happens after someone applies? And when they get hired? Some jobs require one interview, while others have several steps. (If your hiring process is fast, that’s a perk! List it.) Let the applicant know what they can expect.

7.   Put Yourself in the Applicant’s Shoes

One last note: remember to have empathy as an employer, especially post-pandemic. The job market is changing, and just like you, many ideal candidates are navigating new waters. Provide what the most qualified person needs to know your position is right.

But it’s not just about how they feel — consider how the applicant will view your posting, too. People are now using phones more than desktops to view the internet, so there’s a good chance candidates will see your posting on their phones.

Short sentences, bullet points, and bold headings make it easy for people to view the posting details quickly.


Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy Today

A great job posting will help you find more candidates. But to consistently find the best candidates, you need a recruitment marketing strategy that draws interest from the happily employed to the active job seeker.

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