The Top Nursing Job Perks to Offer This Year

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, healthcare organizations faced a massive nursing shortage. And now that many nurses are experiencing high levels of burnout, employees will need to get creative to care for their nurses.

As you prepare job postings for open nursing jobs this year, keep these popular perks in mind. You’ll stay competitive and increase your chances of attracting, hiring, and retaining the top nursing talent.

Flexible Schedules and PTO

This first one might seem obvious, but it remains crucial for all employees, including nurses. Nurses care about work-life balance more than ever, and many are looking for new opportunities that do it better.

Flexible schedules help nurses juggle life outside of work with their job duties. They can also help prevent burnout and give nurses more control. Generous PTO does the same. Many job employers are offering PTO that starts at three weeks of vacation with the option to accrue additional time.

Tuition Reimbursement and Cross-Training Options

Continuing education helps nurses grow their knowledge while opening up new career paths. So, offering tuition reimbursement and cross-training (teaching employees how to work in different roles) is a great nursing job perk.

Mental Health Services

A study from the University of British Columbia School of Nursing examined the impact of COVID-19 conditions on nurses’ mental health. The study found that 41% of surveyed nurses met the criteria for major depression and 38% for anxiety. Mental health issues in nursing are a significant concern, and employers can help.

An excellent (and much-needed) nursing perk is to offer mental health and physical wellness services. Nurses can receive the help they desperately need to be the best at their jobs and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Housekeeping Services (and Other Unexpected Perks)

As we mentioned above, you might need to get creative if you want to stand out to nursing candidates.

Many nurses struggle to keep up with their homes after 12-hour shifts, so consider offering housekeeping services for employees over a set time frame (such as 12 months). You could also pay for concierge services to help nurses run errands and reduce their stressors outside of work.

Working for a Hospital with a Great Reputation

Nurses want to know they’re joining a dedicated team from an employer with an excellent reputation. While there’s only so much you can do about your office’s prestige, you can take steps to improve your company’s prominence within the medical community.

Focus on fostering a workplace where employees take pride in their work and are rewarded and recognized for it.

Prioritize What Nurses Care About Most

One way to learn the best job perks for nursing is by asking. Ask your current nurses what non-salary perks and benefits they most value. Survey those who have interviewed with you and ask what would have made your workplace more desirable. Then, take steps to offer perks that will bring you more qualified employees.

You’ll also want to have a smart recruitment system in place that includes both active and passive strategies. At Alabama Media Group, we can help you upgrade your healthcare recruitment process. Learn more here.