Pre-rolling into the Future of Digital Advertising

So let’s be honest, most of us don’t love pre-roll videos. You know, those mini video
advertisements that play just before the video we are actually intending to watch. We anxiously hover over the “skip in 5 seconds” link, impatiently waiting for an opportunity to bypass the ad. But every now and then, something intrigues us, captures our attention, and we find ourselves glaring intently at our laptops, casting an unexpected smile at our tablets or sharing a chuckle with our mobile devices. That’s the power of pre-roll video, capturing your attention when you least expect it and creating a memorable experience.


Time to rock and pre-roll.

As we dive deeper into the digital age, more people are replacing their TV-watching habits with online media. As a result, online marketing options have become ideal for many advertisers. According to, pre- roll is the fastest growing and most effective way of advertising online. Alabama Media Group noticed this trend and began offering this product to its clients about a year ago. This product ensures that your ad will be seen and receives an average of 50% increased engagement levels versus display advertising.
Pre-roll video can be delivered to an advertiser’s ideal consumer based on their shopping behaviors. Combined with targeting, this can increase the likelihood of interest and engagement. In addition, brands are able to interact with viewers on a more intimate level. An engaging pre-roll ad can greatly increase site traffic and grow brand awareness. Studies show that brand recall is 3.5 times higher for pre-rolls than some other proven digital advertising options, and 2.1 times higher for intent to purchase.

yume has a wonderful infographic about pre-roll videos.

Typically, pre-roll videos do not require much focus to comprehend. Your customer may not have the time or patience to read and learn about a product or service, but in 15 seconds, you can share core information about your product in an interesting manner. Also, with the availablity of the “share” button, pre-roll videos are capable of going viral.

The Pre-roll Checklist

So how can you get the most out of your pre-roll video? Here are 5 simple tips: (via and

  1. The video should instantly capture the attention of the onlooker.
  2. The message should be brief and concise.
  3. Include your URL and a call-to-action such as a coupon that directs the user to click on the screen.
  4. Consider a 15 seconds placement; studies have revealed that this is the optimal length for brand association.
  5. Utilize targeting to eliminate waste and reach consumers with the highest potential to purchase your products.


Let’s see how pre-roll is done.

Example of a Successful Pre-Roll Campaign:

Burger King hired New Zealand ad agency Colenso BBDO to develop an advertising campaign targeting their ideal consumers, young males. Through research, they also discovered that young males hate pre-roll video. Knowing the value of pre-roll, Colenso BBDO decided to use this information to Burger King’s advantage. They created 64 pre-roll ads of “bros” making fun of pre-roll. The “bros” groan and complain in a humorous fashion about how much they despise pre-roll. Each ad was themed to match the spot of the video the viewer was attempting to watch.

Take a look and have a laugh at the links below.

A great way to poke fun at themselves while engaging the target audience

Behind the scenes