Why are Job Boards Alone Not Enough?

Job boards are a useful tool for employers to find potential candidates, however, when used alone, they are not the most effective method. Why? Not all candidates actively search for jobs on job boards, particularly in a competitive job market, so solely relying on them can limit the pool of potential candidates for a position. Today, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching but would consider a new opportunity. Since top talent is in high demand, candidates may be more likely to respond to a direct approach, such as a personalized email or LinkedIn message. Organizations need to use several different methods in their recruiting strategies to increase their chances of finding the best candidates.

What Are Some Different Types of Recruitment Strategies?

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7 Tips on Writing Job Descriptions to Attract Diverse Candidates

Diversity and inclusiveness are important for any company culture. While your company might have trainings or programs in place to promote diversity, there’s one step you might’ve failed to consider: the job posting.

The job description is often the first exposure a candidate has to your position. It’s the first impression that could encourage or prevent many people from applying. Ensuring your job postings are inclusive will cultivate a more rewarding culture that considers every qualified candidate.

It can be challenging to know what everyone will perceive as inclusive or not. So, here are some tips for making the best effort when crafting your open job descriptions. Read more

8 Crucial Questions to Ask a Healthcare Worker During an Interview

When you’re recruiting and hiring healthcare workers, the interview process is critical. It can be tempting to hire quickly, rushing the process, but that can cost your organization a lot down the road. Thankfully, carefully-planned interview questions can help you make the most informed decision and build your dream team.

Here are some of the most influential healthcare job interview questions and why you should ask them.

1. “Why did you choose to work in the healthcare field?”

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